Saturday, 30 January 2010

Half Empty?

Greetings. It has been a long while since my last post. I guess I haven't really had a lot to say. There's not been a whole lot going on in my life at the moment, especially not things on the "half full" side anyways. I have constant worries that plague my mind at present. Worries that directly effect me and my life, things that cannot be ignored. 
For example, the main one has to be finance. I haven't had a source of income since I started Uni and now my funds are running dangerously low. I need to aquire some sort of "job" and soon. I did think I had it sorted for a little while. Being a free-lance editor for The World Magic Shop. But I may have blown that chance now. By being predictable unreliable me. I may not have completely ruined my chances but things don't look too good. 
I also need to start getting some magic gigs, because they are a wonderful source of income when you get them. But before I can even start thinking about more gigs, I need a routine in order to perform at said gigs. So I can't see many of those in the near future, but I will try and work hard to get a routine in order to start looking for more gigs. So that is a plan for future finance. 
But that leaves no substancial job in the near future, which is what I primarily need to focus on. Ergo I need to find some sort of normal everyday part time job. Which is what I was trying to avoid. I will try and focus on obtaining one in a bar as I can then continue my less than ethical magic to obtain even more money. But whether I will be able to aquire a job in a local bar is another story, we will have to wait and see.
Oh and there is the far more shady source of income me and my best friend should hopefully be entering into as soon as he gets himself sorted. Which should help somewhat.

Another worry playing on my mind is that of my currently relationship. I wont go into detail as I do not wish too, not that anybody is really even reading things. But even so. All I shall divulge into that area of my life is I'm not sure it's going to stay the same for very long.

There are a lot of worries playing on my mind I dare not speak aloud, possibly because that will make them "real" and I would be more obligated to deal with them. So I will lay still my tongue and leave you on this note of distain. I hope it has not left a too bitter taste in your mouth for any of those still reading...

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