Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Escape Artist

Every word that you say passes through my ears
Before it even escapes your lips
No one learns from someone they hate.
Your mouth is like a grenade, blowing everyone away.

2010. A New Year. A New Start. - Well hello there. I know it's been a while. But I shall try to write new blogs more often from now on.
A lot has happened to me since the last time I blogged. And I shall take you through a few of those things now;

Firstly, and most importantly. I have a new girlfriend. FINALLY! It has been a few years since my last proper girlfriend. Yes there were the odd 'flings' here and there. And for want of a better term, 'one night stands'. But other than that, nothing 'real'. Nothing like this. I've finally found a girl worth keeping. She's incredible. And gorgeous. I could go on, and I'd like to, but I wont. So yes that is a big improvement in my life and I'm extact about it!

As you will have read in my previous blog, I did not get to go to Paris. But it worked out better for me in the long run. It gave me more time to practise & prepare for my show. (Which I will write about on my performer blog soon) and also it ment that instead for Christmas I got a PS3. Which I absolutely love! It's also a great help as I once more have a DVD player. So I'll be investing many hours in that, especially once I aquire more games for it.

I suppose next to mention on the agenda would be New Years. Well, to sum up, New Years was EPIC. An awesome drug fueled rave in my room at Uni. And I spent it with three of my favourite people, my best friend Tyler-Durden, my now incredible girlfriend Jod and the lovely Lu. I couldn't even begin to explain what occured that night, but there are plenty of photo's on my facebook and a rather amusing video. Lest it be said it was the most incredible New Years EVER.

Now bringing you up to more current affairs I am back residing at Uni. Ready to start my course once more on Monday 11th. I have taken up yet another form of manipulation to acompany the cards and coins, Zippo Manipulation. I have FINALLY aquired a Zippo Lighter, (a rather stunning old school tattoo style zippo) and have started learning Zippo Manipulation (along with my close friend Bec). So that will keep my hands busy, along with certain other 'things' hehe.
Also after purchasing my zippo I decided I wanted a traditional old school Swallow tattoo on my right foot. I've been discussing this with my friend Josie who does the Fine Art Course at Uni and is an amazing Tattoo Artist, and we've worked out a design, colour scheme and a price. And I should be getting "coloured in" as she so playfully puts it, later one this month.

So all in all a very good start to a new year. And lots to look forward to with spending time with my Girlfriend, learning new Zippo, Card and Coin Manipualation along with other forms of Geek Magic. And some rather awesome gigs comming up this year. I say this every year but this time I have real hope for it, 2010 looks like it's going to be an awesome year!

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