Sunday, 20 December 2009

EuroStar Disaster

Greetings. Your probably wondering who I am, don't you remember me? Well I'm not that surprised, it has been a while hasn't it.
But do not fear, for I am back. And will become a regular visitor once more.

Well, here I am, at home. Where should I be? I'm glad you asked. I SHOULD be in Paris right now with my good friend Jin enjoying the Parisian culture in all it's glory. Why am I not there I here you ask? Well that my friends is because of, to quote EuroStar, "adverse weather conditions." We spent from around 10am till 7pm today in St. Pancris Station in London trying to get a train to Paris. But to no avail. We spent the entire day around the Kings Cross area running on nothing but false hope and will power. (Oh and some noodles from the Chop Chop Noodle Bar). All for nothing.
This wouldn't have been AS bad were it not for the false hope we were fed at around 5pm when we were informed that some emergency limited trains were running. One of which we managed to get in for. We got in around that time and had to wait until 19:02 for the train. Success! Or so we thought.
Alas at around 18:00 we were "regretfully" informed that because of the "adverse weather conditions" (oh yes) that all trains were cancelled for the day and that the tunnel was not allowing any trains to pass through. And that it would be the same situation tomorrow (Sunday).

So all in all a very fucking pointless day in London and now I am back home for the week much to my displeasure and have to suffer spending even more time with my family. Wonderful (he says with an air drenched in sarcasm).

I will leave you with a short video taken by two soldiers on the front lines of the 09 EuroStar Disaster...