Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Out By The Lake

My feelings are starting to overwhelm me a little. This is starting to get out of hand, something must be done.

I've had a rather interesting day, early morning meeting, Handley costume shopping and kit collection, all rather dull it must be said.

And then some chilling time, some more nice pasta and some Bleach episodes. And then at 9pm went out with Bec, Ben and Kallan to the Lake in the nature reserve to smoke a few spliffs and practise some poi. Bec is fucking amazing, I get put in a trance everytime I watch her. I hope to be that good some day very soon.
Then back to theirs for some chillin' time with more weed and bubbles xD

Then I return back to RD just in time to be involved in a five man game of frisbee in the green area which was shit loads of fun. Then we were all cool and sat in our door ways with our chairs in our end n played games and talked and drank. Was rather fun, think it was a good send off for this trip.

Which brings me onto my next point. I will be internet less till around saturday as I'm going to Keswick with my course for some filming and shit. Should hopefully be alrite. A lot of thinking time, and hopefully some time to act on my feelings for a certain person and find out whether there is justification for my crushing or whether it's a waste of time and I need to move on. Terrifying thought it may be, I need to "man up" and just sort it out. So I can find inner peace, either way. But I really hope she reciprocates. I really, really do...


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