Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Life's A Funny Thing...

You live your life, taking it day by day. Not knowing what life will throw at you. Just taking it in your stride. Sometimes you fall down, you get back up. You keep on going, maybe not knowing why. But you do it. Because you hold onto the belief that things will get better. They have too, right?

"Life is a funny thing..." - A phrase I can't get out my head as of late. But I wonder just what it means. Or what it means to me anyway. I guess to me it means, life likes to fuck with you. It's almost like it has a sense of humor (speaking like life is a living non-specific deity). Like sometimes things will happen and it'll just make you think "oh come on, are you taking the piss?!" And then question who you are actually talking to.

Sometimes it really does seem like someone or something is fucking with you. Things will happen that really do just take the piss. Or seem completely unfair and undeserved. I suffered from such an experience recently. I put all my hopes into something and went for it. Only to be slapped in the proverbial face royally. As I'm sure you are already aware, it fucking hurts.
I'm still suffering from it now, hence why this blog has a negative after taste. But it cannot be helped. As they say, Life is a funny thing...

Thankfully I posses the knowledge to cheer myself up and be happy, when I want too. But sometimes I think people enjoy feeling a little down. I'm sure some people will read that and think "what the fuck are you on about?". If you are one of these people then you are clearly not the target audience for this blog. But to those of you who read that and though "hmm, y'know I see his point" (or words to that effect). Then continue on.

It's only human to experience all kinds of emotions, both "good" & "bad". And so isn't feeling down or upset or even depressed just celebrating our humanistic traits, surely? You may disagree, of which you have every right, as a human being. And exploring my rights as a fellow human being, I can happily tell you to fuck off. As it is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

At present my life is in disarray. This is obvious as I have entered a new chapter of my life. And it's going to take a while yet for things to settle down. But I most deffinatly need to start getting my life back on track. I need to stay on top of my work load. I really need to obtain a job or some form of income. I need to stop being a lazy fuck and start performing again, and go searching for gigs. Not only because they are a source of income but because I need all the experience & practice I can get and that is the best form. I need to get back out there, and soon!

So from now on I am going to work towards those things, and turn my life in a more positive direction. For my sake, before I put my head through a window, or jump out of one. I have the drive, I have the determination, I just need to put it to good use. As someone once said, Life is a funny thing. Well I'm going to start driving my own bus once more, and master this funny thing we call life...



  1. I'm actually quite proud of this if i'm honest.

  2. I read it all mr spoon, every sentence. Are you ok? Love Crissie xx